How do I get expo/metro to run eslint on reload? (for the second time)

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Old thread: How do I get expo/metro to run eslint on reload?

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hello! i’m not sure what expo/metro have to do with eslint, neither are concerned with linting. your editor should run eslint for you automatically, or you can run some script alongside expo start if you want

Well I’d prefer to have less terminals. Right now there’s one for docker-compose running all the server stuff, npm run, npm run lint:watch, and npm run test:watch, and it’s all a bit silly. Especially if I want to open a node REPL to test something out, or heaven forbid use git.

No, it would be much better if, when it saw my files reload, metro ran the linter (and tests) before reloading, to save time, screen real estate, CPU cycles, etc.

I do believe create-react-app runs linting (albeit with cruddy rules) in the webpack terminal session, so I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect expo to, too.

we definitely do not want to get into prescribing different lint rules :slight_smile: but perhaps some general mechanism for running another program when watched files change and reporting the output to the expo-cli logs could be useful. it’s not really high priority for us but if you’d like to look into what it would take to build it into expo-cli, please do! then open an issue that roughly follows the react fcs template but replace anything react specific with expo-cli, as we don’t have a rfc template for it yet :stuck_out_tongue: looking forward to hearing what you come up with if you are motivated to do so!