How do I update my forum profile?


Your profile on the Expo forum is synced from your Expo account, the same account that you use in XDE and exp. We sync these fields every time you log back into these forums:

  • Your username, which is set when your account is first created
  • Your email address for getting responses to your posts (you can set up receiving email under Preferences on this site)
  • Your real name
  • Your profile photo, which comes from Gravatar

When you make a change to one of these fields of your Expo account and want it to be reflected in your forum profile, just log out of these forums and log back in.

To update your profile photo, create or log into your Gravatar account and set the profile photo for your Expo account’s email address. After a little while, the Expo systems will pick up the change (if you look at your own profile in the Expo app you will see your new photo). Then log out of these forums and log back in and in a minute or so the forums will fetch your new profile photo and update it.



How do you edit the Expo account? For example, if I get a new email address. I don’t see an option in the XDE, the mobile app or on the site.


Is it possible to change my email address? I managed to register with .com instead of .no


You should be able to change your email on, and then log out and log back into the forums to sync the new info.


Is it possible to change my username? Couldn’t find any option for that in the settings.


We don’t offer a way to change usernames.


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