How the standalone apps work



I’m reaching the end of my app, and wondering how the standalone apps work.
I noticed that just following the tutorial without putting anything on a store (android or apple) makes you end up with an app that only works when you have expo on your mobile.
Is it the same if you put it on a store ? Do I have to eject to avoid asking people to download expo to use my app ? Am I just doing something wrong and the tutorial already does that ?


Please read this guide: it should answer these questions.


I explicitly said i followed the tutorial.
Being on expo foum, and speaking about standalone apps, i implied i followed this one.

I also detailed up to where i have been in the tutorial, to be clear about my situation. It does not answer my questions, because in the summary is written “Not everybody wants to tell their customers or friends to download Expo to use their app”, but when i try to do it, i still need expo running in the background to run it, hence my questions.



You have to start the build so you get an apk-file for android. With this apk everyone can install your app or you can push it to the Play Store. So everybody can install your app without Expo.
If you want an .ipa-file you have to sign up as an developer in the Apple Store.

So… after building your app, people don’t need the expo-app to run your app.


No, you do not have to eject to avoid asking people to download Expo to use the app. Ejecting and building standalone apps are different. This is explained in that document I linked above and in


alright so i guess i missed something in the tutorial. Thanks :).