How to build iOS app in development mode?



We’re trying to build iOS app in development mode instead of distribution mode.

We’ve tried running exp build:ios and supplying development certificates instead of distribution certificates, but it didn’t worked (had build errors at the signing stage)

Is there a way to create IPA file with development certificates?



can you elaborate on what your end-goal is here?


as in, what is the thing you want to accomplish - the thing that building with a development certificate would do for you


I’d like to test myself and have a stand-alone app to send to client/testers without Expo client


what you want is to use testflight then


That would require to have testflight client…
I’m trying to find a way to avoid that


then what you want is ad-hoc enterprise distribution

these are your only options on ios. i wish it wasn’t so locked down but so it goes


So you’re saying, there is really no way to build app with development certificates?
That’s strange, its normally just a flag during build process…


you can detach the project and try that if you want but it’s not going to do what you expect it to do