How to changed metro bundler account if accuont has been changed.


i have deleted My Account (biplov1401).
For Some reason
Reason :- Deleted My expo account but still My project showing on google search.
then i have created new Account (biplov14).
when i run expo start then old Account showing in Metro bundler.

  1. How can i change it ?
  2. I also not able to build expo standlone ipa. please suggest what should i do ?


Any updates please ?


please reply ?


Please suggest the solution After deleting Expo Account ?

  1. Can we retreive same account With same mail and User name,
    because ios .ipa file not building without previous Expo account and mail Id.
  2. If possible then please re-create the account.
  3. Android Apk Also not uploaded in play store Please help ?

i hope reply will come ?


Can Re-enable my expo account which is deleted (by mistake) ?
please help ?


Solved my issue.
by above ref.