How to handle notifications when the app is closed?

  1. SDK Version: 39
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android

I have tried the following solution and added this code outside of my App component:

Notifications.addNotificationResponseReceivedListener((response) => {

Notifications.addNotificationReceivedListener ((response) => {

Unfortunately, when the app is closed and I tap a notification, the app opens but none of these logs are displayed. Am I missing something?

No you’re not missing something here. As far as I know it’s not possible to “react” to notifications when the app is closed. You would have to eject for that functionality.
You can have a look here

My issue is that I’m not getting any notifications when the app is closed. My notification works if the app is open but when it is closed I did not get any notification as expected.

The notification is triggered by the date so it’s a scheduled notification. I have another thread on this on this form but I just wanted to get your opinion. I have been told that the best option is to use task manager and background task manager.