How to run my app even when my packager is not running?


Like when I’m away and I want to show my app to my friend ?

or other question could be

How do I let my friend try my app if they have expo client installed ?



If you click “Publish” in XDE, you’ll get a URL that you can share with your friend that they will be able to open in the Expo client.


Sorry, my bad – didn’t realize that I was replying in the CRNA Forum!

You can npm install -g exp and then run exp publish to publish your CRNA app :slight_smile: Note, you’ll need to sign up for an Expo account when you do this.


More info here:


After you click publish, if I make some changes and then click publish again will it just redeploy the originally generated URL?


yup! everytime you hit publish the latest version becomes available at the url