How to set android:windowSoftInputMode = "adjustResize"in Android Manifest file?


This is a common question.

You can’t change the Android Manifest file with Expo since the binary is already built but that option is already set in Expo. (source code: )

If you really want to edit it, you’d have to eject and mess with the native code yourself.

Mostly people want the “adjustResize” option set because they want to make it easier to deal with keyboards affecting views.

In the words of @notbrent:

Unfortunately there is some misinformation being spread around the react native community and i’m not quite sure where it comes from
There isn’t really a magic bullet where you can toggle some config and your views respond to keyboard gracefully

Anyway, just posting here since this is a common question.


To clarify: this is already set in Expo – android:windowSoftInputMode = “adjustResize” is set on all Expo apps



Is it again the case with lastest versions ?

Because react-native-gifted-chat not working correctly since SDK 19.


We should be able to control that value via app.json in Android section. Right now it doesn’t seem to be working.


set an android status bar color using – the option doesn’t do anything unless you have an opaque status bar (it defaults to translucent in expo)


Android keeps pushing up the footer when using the keyboard (Input) while iOS doesn’t. Is this something that Expo has on it’s radar?


read this for more info: