How to solve ERROR: Manifest merger failed in expo sdk 33

I upgrated my expokit (sdk 32 to 33)
how to solve this error

ERROR: Manifest merger failed : Attribute data@scheme at manifestMerger6895274605923825400.xml requires a placeholder substitution but no value for <appAuthRedirectScheme> is provided.

Even in new ejected expokit (sdk 33) show this error.
i remove this in app build

manifestPlaceholders = [
        'appAuthRedirectScheme': 'host.exp.exponent'

still i am getting error.


Iget a link that can you help

I also get this error when upgrade to expo sdk 33, Close android studio, and then Build -> Clean Project solve the error for me, without changing anything.

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@raikumark Did you find any solution?

@rinkel Not working for me

hii… Sometimes it worked after restart android studio and clean-> build. sometime its not. I think it’s not the right way to fix like that.

Even in newly created with new expokit project, the issues occured.

So i stop using expokit and use react-native init.