How to use Network Service Discovery (zeroconf / bonjour) in React Native without detaching from Expo?



Short summary: I would like to use a solution like npm package “react-native-zeroconf”, but without detaching from Expo. Does Expo have a pure JavaScript implementation of Network Service Discovery for Android devices?

Long version:

We are building an app for an IoT device, based on Raspberry Pi. The app has to detect the device in the local network. It is done easily with React-Native for iOS because both iOS and Raspberry Pi use Bonjour / Zeroconf protocol for auto-detection of devices on the network.

For Android one should use “Network Service Discovery” to discover Zeroconf devices on local network. There is already a library in react native that configures this service: Unfortunately it requires “react-native link”. Does Expo have a solution to do Zeroconf with only JavaScript?

Thank you.



Hi! We don’t currently have this, but in the meantime I’d recommend two things: take a look at the docs for ExpoKit, and open a feature request for this on Canny.



same issue here, have you found a way to find your Zeroconf device?
would it be possible to use a pure Java Script library such as: ?



If anyone else needs this feature please vote for it here:zeroconf feature request, for now it seems like the only way to implement this is to detach.