I only see one language in Itunesconnect


I only see one language in Itunesconnect. Is it that I do something wrong or app generated with expo can only show one language? I have no Idea.

Related to this question below.

Screenshot (It is in Korea tough… I am sorry)



@ben is this related to other localization work we need to do?


@ben Hi is there any update for this issue? I still can’t update locale in app store.


@ben @dikaiosune
Can anyone checkout this issue for me?


Hi, do these instructions work?


Yeah. I’ve tried to go over it more than 10 times and couldn’t get it work tough.

I feel like I have to do something inside xcode which expo won’t let me do…

Below is the screenshot for you which may help you.



I just ran a test with a standalone build and verified that it is showing all available languages in that same drop down menu. I did nothing special to the build to make it do this. So my guess is this is an issue with iTunes Connect and should be addressed through Apple.


Thanks for trying this out for me… god I have to go over it once again… thanks anyway.