ImagePicker with Modal stops working after iOS 14.5.0 update

Platforms: iOS 14.5, iPhone 8

Tried with:
Expo SDK 40, expo-image-picker 9.2.0
Expo SDK 41, expo-image-picker 10.1.4

I had a working ImagePicker giving the user the media gallery or camera up until this week when i updated my iphone 8 to iOS 14.5.0, and also 14.5.1.

The problem is related to Expo’s Modal component, because I have one open (full screen) which is giving the user the buttons for opening the media library or camera. I have another screen without the modal, and the ImagePicker works as expected. Additionally, I don’t have any problems with this combination (Modal + ImagePicker) under Android, it works as expected as well.

With the Modal visible, ImagePicker.requestMediaLibraryPermissionsAsync() returns a completely good looking MediaLibraryPermissionResponse that is this:

Object {
  "accessPrivileges": "all",
  "canAskAgain": true,
  "expires": "never",
  "granted": true,
  "status": "granted",

and no exceptions are thrown. But ImagePicker.launchImageLibraryAsync() just does not launch anything.

Does anyone know about this, and is it fixable (without rewriting my gui to not use a Modal)?
Thanks much.

update: I just upgraded to SDK 41 and the problem persists with that version too.

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Hey @kurtak, we’re aware of this issue and will be tracking it on Github here. Also, there is a proposed workaround from someone from the community that is likely worth exploring until we can resolve this issue.


@adamjnav Ok, great. Thanks for the timely response!

Hi Expo Team,
This is really a big bug for our users. They aren’t able to post pics now. Please please fix this asap. Sincerely request the team for a fix.

Hi Expo Team,
This is really a big bug for our users. Please fix this issue asap.

is there an issue on for this? this pr fixes a known ios 14.5.0 imagepicker bug, this requires that you update expo go to the latest version and do a new build of your standalone app. it was deployed about two weeks ago.

Hi @notbrent, Yes, there is a (closed) github issue link in the very first response, that has a bit of discussion about it.

that issue is fixed by the pr i referenced above - [image-picker] fix: view being transparent on iOS 14.5 by cruzach · Pull Request #12897 · expo/expo · GitHub