Introduce yourself!


Hi there!

My name is Horacio, Javascript Developer & UI/UX Designer from Panama living in Barcelona. I just have couple of weeks learning react native & I think I will be working with this library for some years in the future. I’m loving it & also how the community are creating tools like Expo!

First thanks for all the work you are putting in Expo, is Amazing how easy it is to develop apps with it.

Hope I can Start contributing to the community to & learn from all of you :wink:


Hello everyone!
I’m shine i make music and visual apps. Shout out to expo team !!!


Hi. Louis Lecocq, Javascript Developer from France :fr:
Working at Side in Paris :eiffel-tower:

Love how i can show to my colleagues some quick implementation using Snack o/

Go Team !


Hello! :wave:

My name is Ville, I work on Expo and live in Finland.

Before joining the Expo team, I co-founded a startup named Reindex that developed a GraphQL based backend as a service. I’ve also maintained Create React App and contributed to a bunch of other projects. Currently I’m mostly working on our open source developer tools including exp, CRNA and XDE.

I’m also the dad of a little girl and she is the best. I like snowboarding and coffee.


Hi guys, My name is Fred, i’m new to programming, just finished CS50X and i’m trying to work on a final project, using Expo. I’m both scared and curious, but i am determined to give it my best shot. Looking forward to networking and learning tons from you guys.


This is Muhammad Wafa
Most my thank you from lucky team expo
I love all of you, although i love Canada:rofl::rofl: also hope to come in Canada and work with you and become a react native + expo developer programmer:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:.


Hello Everyone! My name is Stuart Casarotto. I am an Entrepreneur and Developer based out of Chicago. I have built a couple production Expo Apps and love the technology. I spent over a year doing native iOS development starting with Swift 1 and leaving right around Swift 3.1. Over the last year I have taken a deep dive into React and that lead me to Expo.


Hi everyone,

I’m Hicham from Paris, i am a React developer since almost 2 years. I started to develop with React-Native 1 month ago. Big thanks to the Expo team for that work :blush: :blush: :blush:


Hi Everyone,

Todd checking in here. I’m a programming noob looking to develop enough skills to make an app that might bring in enough scratch to help me pay for my kid’s college tuition. After about 3 months of aimless wandering though various tutorials and courses I found React Native and Expo and really what I see. This make me very excited to learn and hopefully deliver a great product to the app store.


Hello! Johan from Sweden here. Been working on an React Native app from some time now. Helping a start up based in San Fransisco. Have been using expo to help we out along the way and wow! You guys have done something amazing, truly blown away by how well it has been working all along and how much it has helped during the development. Keep up the awesome work!


Hello everyone, Omar from Tunisia, I have been working on react-native apps for quite some time now, i did a firebase auth app, an album listing app(consuming JSON) and now, I am helping an individual to build an pedometer/Bio Store, i hope i can find mentorship in this forum, as I will share my experience Here and open source the Code since React native & android didn’t mature enough :slight_smile: .

Good day to all you lovely people :slight_smile: .


Jamo here
Working on an RN app with Clojurescript and with Expo for about 6 months now.
Living and working out of the DC metro area in the US


Hi team,

I am Bruno Kiafuka form :angola:, I am a full stack developer and I recently started building mobile apps, and just felt in love with React Native and Exponent.
Very excited to be part of Expo community.



Hi there, I have recently joined this forum.


I am rahamin. After playing a bit with Expo, I would like to thank you for it. Great tools!


I am Raphael, really in love with Expo ! Thank you for it !!


hello people,
im from india and i have been working with react-native and expo from last 5 months and its amazing till i guess i detaching part :persevere:


Hi l!!
This is Ankit Singhal from India. I am a CSE student. I am a freelancer Android Developer.
Starting my new project with Expo now. :smiley:


This is Jan from in Germany, building the Coinlend app!


I am Mangi from Cameroon i am a computer science student.
Happy to join you guys