Introduce yourself!


Jamo here
Working on an RN app with Clojurescript and with Expo for about 6 months now.
Living and working out of the DC metro area in the US


Hi team,

I am Bruno Kiafuka form :angola:, I am a full stack developer and I recently started building mobile apps, and just felt in love with React Native and Exponent.
Very excited to be part of Expo community.



Hi there, I have recently joined this forum.


I am rahamin. After playing a bit with Expo, I would like to thank you for it. Great tools!


I am Raphael, really in love with Expo ! Thank you for it !!


hello people,
im from india and i have been working with react-native and expo from last 5 months and its amazing till i guess i detaching part :persevere:


Hi l!!
This is Ankit Singhal from India. I am a CSE student. I am a freelancer Android Developer.
Starting my new project with Expo now. :smiley:


This is Jan from in Germany, building the Coinlend app!


I am Mangi from Cameroon i am a computer science student.
Happy to join you guys


Hi, I’m adokce and I started working on a react native app (no expo) in my company. Having a lot of pain with it I started looking at expo and I would like to start using it for personal projects and maybe propose it for a company projects.



My name is Cedric van Putten and I’m lead developer at Peakfijn, Amsterdam based startup-helper. We are doing a lot of projects, including app development. We’ve switched to Expo because we already used (and liked) React.

I’ve written some guides related to CI and Expo and I was an Expo Featured Developer (:smiley:).

Find me on Slack if you want to hangout!



Hi :wave:

I am Yordan, i’m a software engineer and work at in Bandung, Indonesia.
Was developing in React 3 years ago, and currently looking into React Native to expand my portfolio in Mobile app dev. Expo dev experience is :clap: :tada:
you can find me on twitter @zufrizalyordan



Hello ,everyone!
My name is leesongdang, i work on expo from Shenyang,China.
I’m a freelancer and I’m using Expo with my customers which found it awesome for fast feedback loop, fast notifications implementation, etc.

If you need some REX just let me know, I will be happy to give you my opinion


Hello all
I am Ammar . Newly graduated from the University of Information Technology in Yemen. I hope to become a professional in the programming of mobile applications through ReAct and Expo.


HI All,
My name is Adam Freeman. I am new to Expo and React Native I have written a commercial app using React + Redux. I know image processing, image formats and video stuff. I would like to maybe contribute at some point to one of the projects I have never really contributed to open source before and would like to start.

I am really excited about learning some new stuff and maybe being able to help out.
– Adam



My name is Paul Joseph living in Columbus, Oh. Currently a Ruby-Cucumber test-automation dev. Have been looking at React for about a year and just ran into expo. Cool Stuff!!

Kind regards,


Nice to meet you cam_ling. My papa has lived in Thailand for the last 10 years!! Cheers ~



I’m Greg McDonald from Rum&Code. We build custom web and mobile apps in Shawinigan, Quebec. Looking forward to participating in the forum.

Best regards,


Hi there!

I’m Wijnand Karsens from Groningen, The Netherlands. I work with React Native and Expo, but also Apollo GraphQL, Node JS and MySQL at my own company and part-time at the company Target Holding. My hobbies are kitesurfing and travel. I also started a community for kitesurfers that code, have a look here and here if that sounds good to you!


Hey. Guys am Princewill. I am a backend developer using python, JavaScript and PHP to do wonderful things :grin: