Introduce yourself!



I live in Seattle but work for companies in SF.

The purpose of my participation in this wonderful, tight community is to work on and share any patterns, libraries and frameworks that would make developers more productive, whatever I can squeeze in my so-called ‘spare time.’ Conversely, I’m interested in any patterns, libraries and frameworks that make things easier/more productive for me as a developer.

Kudos to the Expo team for such an inspired creation. Really love the quantum leap in productivity that Expo and React Native already provide, and hope to contribute as time allows.

My first foray is about making layout a simpler job:

More to come…



Hello, Everyone!

My name is Dominic. I am a junior React-Native developer! With a burning passion for doing more with my skills!

Here are a few links to some articles I wrote on starting RN dev and Expo!


Hi Expo Community,

My name is Michael Chow, founder of DART Technologies, a digital product studio based in NYC building mobile, internet of things, AR/VR apps using React Native, React VR, GraphQL, among other Facebook open-source technologies.

We’ve launched a hyperlocal media platform for connected cars called DART Discover ( using Expo.

Give us a shout if swinging through NYC - we’re by Union Square / Greenwich Village and would love to grab a coffee / beer.



My name is Kiba. I am a React developer / IoT experimenter. I have built a couple of apps with React Native (unpublished so far) and I am excited to try out the new capabilities offered by Expo.


Hi All!

I’m Hendricx! I want you all to know: “You guys are really Amazing and Thank you for all your hard work with Expo!” I’m excited to learn more about Expo from the you all! Looking forward to each and everyone of your advice!
Thank you in advance!

Warm Wishes,


Hi Everyone!

I’m a French :fr: developer specialized on React-Native and I’m an happy user of Expo (and naked React-Native too ;)).

I’m a freelancer and I’m using Expo with my customers which found it awesome for fast feedback loop, fast notifications implementation, etc.

If you need some REX just let me know, I will be happy to give you my opinion :smiley:!

Xavier Carpentier


Hey, just started playing with expo today. Seems pretty cool! Excited to learn more about it.


Hello World! Just discovered Expo today and so far I am loving it! I am really new to app development and a student based in Atlanta,Ga , however, I am gonna try to make it my summer project to ship my first complete app to production! I am so glad I found Expo and look forward to engaging and meeting many of you! :+1:


Hello I just started recently with react expo and excited to learn more


Hello, I’m an android / .NET developer and I’ve decided to migrate my crud apps to the react-native. Expo seems a productive alternative, I have some doubts so I’m on the forum.


What are your doubts?


Hi I am dyo vanbumi from Jakarta, Indonesia. I am web developer and now interested a lot to learn React Native through expo, I reckon expo is great, but I m new here, still many wonder how to be good in React Native and expo :slight_smile:


Hey all Jo here based in the US. New to expo and React Native but coming from a ruby/rails background I like what I see. Tooling around a bit at the moment but sure to get more involved in the future. Thanks



I’m author of Hilbert programming language and a committer of Ruby programming language.
My work as Ruby core team member is numerical analysis related things(e.g. Math, Matrix)
You can find me on Github: @gogotanaka

For my day job, I’m running my own tech consulting business(, working with rails/react.js/react native)

I spend a lot of time on open source software and I’m pretty sure expo is the best project I’ve tried in the last few years. I love any aspect of your works(which include sophisticated design, great documentation, and SDK itself.)

But unfortunately, no one talks about in my country…literally no one. It makes me so sad. That’s why I started to blog in my language to be evangelist of

Please let me know if there is something I can do, I’m super happy to make expo popular and better.


Hi, I’m Cameron.

I’m a Full-stack Design Engineer, Digital Nomad, and Entrepreneur who wears a lot of hats. I’m currently consulting with clients on Websites/Applications and am new to Expo. I’m very interested in building mobile apps and also integrating Framer/Sketch designs into the process. Big fan of React and Javascript. Looking forward to being part of the group!




My name is Oskar and I’m from Sweden.

I currently work as a full-stack developer at a small startup and we’re using expo to build our product / app.

I really like the idea and simplicity with Expo which is what led us to start building our app with it from the beginning.

Great to see there’s finally a forum!


Hey Team,

My name is Dusty @dmblack, from Victoria Australia - and I’m a new to the scene Developer (Approximately 12 months professional, and many hears hobbyist).

I was introduced to React Native by an ex colleague / personal friend and have been blown away.

Currently using it for little personal hobby projects - but hoping to incorporate it into some professional work soon!


Hi team,

I’m Anh Tuan Nguyen from Vietnam.
A React-Native developer.
Happy to join in.



Hello, This is Marvin Nguyen saying hi to everyone from Montreal, Canada. I have a few days of experience using Expo with ClojureScript, and I like the innovations of Expo.
Would love to contribute to extend Expo’s ecosystem with more libraries and custom components.


Hi. I’m Andri

I’m working as a TechLead, which involves me working with React, React Native, Kubernetes, Docker, PHP and MySQL on a daily basis.

Looking forward to get more involved with the Expo community.