Introduce yourself!


Hi, I’m Noam.

I’m a Fullstack web developer now moving into Mobile. Started out with React and now its mobile native bridge.
I live in northern Israel. Junior computer science student.

Very excited about working with Expo. It has proven so far a quick and reliable method of getting started without the setup you’d have to do without it.Cheers to the Expo team and thank you for all the dev’s who came before to build the treasure of knowledge.

Looking forwards to see you all,
Noam G. Jacobson


I am Danilo Miranda, I develop web am mobile apps and would like to interact with other people that work with Expo too.
I play guitar and play soccer.



Hi everybody!
I am Edgar Khanzadian, I’m developing React for a year and I’m in love with it ! Currently making some projects for businesses alone, but later want to get some cool remote React Native internship/job. I know 3 languages: Russian (native), English (C1), Armenian (Native). Programming languages: Javascript, OCaml.
Expo is great!
Love Algos!
Also I’m doing Brazilian JJ

Best regards!


Hello everyone,

I am a software developer who has built a Three.js / React/ Redux /Forms /Material.ui (mui) toolkit that stores most UI components as data definitions (as well as data itself) in mysql (for now) and is being ported to sqlite (the data model is done, still working on some triggers).

I have been asked by a user of Admin-On-Rest (A Material.ui/Rest based git repository) to port the app to the Expo/ React native environment, hence this introductory note.

I have reduced my mui toolkit to about 2000 loc (including svg icons). It is highly opinionated and has removed many of the mui options that might be considered “UI for UI sake” in for many applications.

I expect that a port of this mui toolkit would be useful to the community and useful educational experience for me.

If there are others who are interested in this type of project please let me know.


Hiya! I’m Shawn and am in a World of Firsts: First React Native app, First Expo app, First mobile app =)

We’re building a Yoga Nidra (sleep yoga) app for a friend/client & portfolio builder. I’m currently in Boulder but am a Californian at heart and am hoping to find a job either here or back in Cali.

I also do a bunch o’ meditation and yoga =)


hi shawn! welcome :slight_smile:


Hello, I’m Mido and I’m a React / React Native developer from New Zealand.
I’ve started using Expo few days ago and I’m very impressed!

Well done and thanks for making such an awesome tool :pray:


Hello, I’m Charles and excited to get started with Expo. I’ve been learning React and use C9 as my development environment. I decided to start learning React Native as well. Unfortunately, one cannot develop React Native apps using C9. So that lead me over to Expo which looks amazing.

From my understanding for developing apps, one can either:

  1. Use Expo Snacks
  2. Use Expo XDE

Snack seems like what I want as it would allow me to work on my projects no matter what laptop I’m on. Why would one choose XDE over Snacks and vice-versa?

Just want to make sure I’m not missing out on something by only using Snacks.


If you use Snack, you can always download your project to your filesystem with the “Export to XDE” button.

Snack is a great way to start – and finish – many projects. I think if you like it you should go for it.

The main good things about XDE are:
(a) some better debuggability
(b) ability to use git etc. to manage your files, sometimes easier to collaborate with others
© If you do certain kinds of things with Snack, the app can get into a confusing state.

Welcome Charles!


Hi Everyone,

My name is Camilo and I live in Miami, FL. While deciding on which mobile platform to use for my startup, VoiceYourVoice (, I decided to give CRNA and Expo a try and fell in love with this awesome platform!
I’m just fully grateful for this awesome project and many thanks for all the hardworking Expo team and community for making this a reality. I was a Jr. Android developer back in 2010 and fast-forwarding to today I can see how tremendously the app dev process and tools have evolved. Pretty remarkable.



@edgarkhanzadyan Happy to see another fellow programmer, and more especially, BJJ practitioner! Osss! brother!


Hi there!

My name is Horacio, Javascript Developer & UI/UX Designer from Panama living in Barcelona. I just have couple of weeks learning react native & I think I will be working with this library for some years in the future. I’m loving it & also how the community are creating tools like Expo!

First thanks for all the work you are putting in Expo, is Amazing how easy it is to develop apps with it.

Hope I can Start contributing to the community to & learn from all of you :wink:


Hello everyone!
I’m shine i make music and visual apps. Shout out to expo team !!!


Hi. Louis Lecocq, Javascript Developer from France :fr:
Working at Side in Paris :eiffel-tower:

Love how i can show to my colleagues some quick implementation using Snack o/

Go Team !


Hello! :wave:

My name is Ville, I work on Expo and live in Finland.

Before joining the Expo team, I co-founded a startup named Reindex that developed a GraphQL based backend as a service. I’ve also maintained Create React App and contributed to a bunch of other projects. Currently I’m mostly working on our open source developer tools including exp, CRNA and XDE.

I’m also the dad of a little girl and she is the best. I like snowboarding and coffee.


Hi guys, My name is Fred, i’m new to programming, just finished CS50X and i’m trying to work on a final project, using Expo. I’m both scared and curious, but i am determined to give it my best shot. Looking forward to networking and learning tons from you guys.


This is Muhammad Wafa
Most my thank you from lucky team expo
I love all of you, although i love Canada:rofl::rofl: also hope to come in Canada and work with you and become a react native + expo developer programmer:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:.


Hello Everyone! My name is Stuart Casarotto. I am an Entrepreneur and Developer based out of Chicago. I have built a couple production Expo Apps and love the technology. I spent over a year doing native iOS development starting with Swift 1 and leaving right around Swift 3.1. Over the last year I have taken a deep dive into React and that lead me to Expo.


Hi everyone,

I’m Hicham from Paris, i am a React developer since almost 2 years. I started to develop with React-Native 1 month ago. Big thanks to the Expo team for that work :blush: :blush: :blush:


Hi Everyone,

Todd checking in here. I’m a programming noob looking to develop enough skills to make an app that might bring in enough scratch to help me pay for my kid’s college tuition. After about 3 months of aimless wandering though various tutorials and courses I found React Native and Expo and really what I see. This make me very excited to learn and hopefully deliver a great product to the app store.