Introduce yourself!

Hi there!

I’m Wijnand Karsens from Groningen, The Netherlands. I work with React Native and Expo, but also Apollo GraphQL, Node JS and MySQL at my own company and part-time at the company Target Holding. My hobbies are kitesurfing and travel. I also started a community for kitesurfers that code, have a look here and here if that sounds good to you!


Hey. Guys am Princewill. I am a backend developer using python, JavaScript and PHP to do wonderful things :grin:


Hi there,

I’m pixel, a full-stack developer from Berlin, and I just gave Expo a try. But with the limitations of DocumentPicker and FileSystem I’m not too sure that I can keep going with it.

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Hey Pixel, glad to have you around. Sorry to hear that we couldn’t deliver the tools necessary for your project. I’d love to hear about the limitations you mention regarding the DocumentPicker and FileSystem APIs. If you have time and could send me an email about said limitations to that would be greatly appreciated!

Hi everyone!

I’m Sebastian (but you can call me Seb) - I’m a couple of weeks away from starting my studio to provide (mostly) React & Native sites and apps.

I’ve released my first app on iOS/Android/Amazon using Expo and am looking to take it to the next level - if anyone has experience of RN/Expo/Firebase for data storage/sharing between users please do hit me up!

Hoping to finally start giving back to the Open Source community too so hoping that this community can benefit from some of my experience.

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Hi everyone.
Hope you guys have a nice day.

I’m Tepy, from a small country in South-East asia, Cambodia, currently studying in Japan.

I’ve been working with Reactjs (Gatsby-Nextjs) , Graphql stack for awhile and been back and force between the web and native app :smiley:
I also have some experience in developing native Android app with Java as well, old school :smiley:

I hope to get thing done quickly with the power of Expo from now on :smiley:


Hey all, time to introduce myself

Im Jordan,

I’v been using Expo to help build an app for a startup project. I work full time as an Android dev and before Expo had very little experience with JavaScript and JSX. I Love the environment and the Expo community!

I consistently evangelize Expo and RN to the other Android and iOS devs at work (I get laughed at a lot)

Looking forward to being a part of the community :slight_smile:

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I’m Filippo, I’m a freelance web developer building websites for small to medium sized companies and I’m here to learn about react native since I will be building an app for one of my clients. Excited to work on this project and learn!


Hello, I am Fust, in-house developer for the art-entity Brud.
I’m new to app development and enjoy Expo.

Recently I made Juju for Brud.

Now I’m trying to make camera-based apps, AR apps, etc.

Brud is active in contemporary art, in musea, galleries, art institutions, and they view their apps as artworks. So oftentimes, “utility”, and “functionality” are less important that experience, affect, and certain possibilities afforded by smartphones and especially cameras.

So I’m keen on learning more tips and tricks, and if you have examples of “art” apps, do share.


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I’m a fullstack dev at the University of Michigan, and I’m building an app for the college radio station. Expo feels like magic!