iOS 13 Compatability

Anyone tried running a standalone Expo app on iOS 13 yet? Considering updating now that the public beta is out, but don’t want the RN app I’m currently working on to be unusable.


Hey @stirman, definitely a smart move to start thinking about compatibility with iOS 13 already. I haven’t tried running on iOS 13 yet personally, but I should mention here that React Native has a tracker open for issues related to iOS 13 and Xcode 11. We might look into opening something similar (not sure yet, though)

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Good to know! I’ll follow the RN tracker you mentioned. If I do decide to update to 13, I’ll try my Expo apps to see if/what breaks and report back here. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

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I have tried 2 standalone apps and the Expo app on iOS 13, all 3 applications are crashing so something is not working right :frowning: @charliecruzan @stirman

I upgraded to the ios 13 beta & I’ve been using both standalones apps I work on (one ejected, one managed) and haven’t noticed any issues with either of them. They’re both pretty complex apps that use most of the expo APIs.

Great to hear, thanks for sharing!

Expo app itself is crashing for me on iOS 13. So far the iOS 14 beta 2 and beta 3 hasn’t changed that either. The expo app just opens for a moment and then disappears. This is on iPhone XS.

I asked Expo on Twitter about iOS 13 compatibility, since the main Expo app and my new app I’m about to launch(!) are both crashing very quickly after starting them. Someone named Brent with Expo promised that Expo will be compatible by the time iOS 13 is officially launched:

It’d be nice if Expo had a ‘road to iOS 13’ plan we could follow, or beta releases we could use that are approaching compatibility. Or an official announcement would be great.