iOS Build Certificates Issue


This is my first time app publishing, our org has a new app created using expo

Logged in to

Under iOS certificates: there are two certificates of “iOS Distribution” type with a same name and with different expiry dates(15 days apart)

Question1: Can I make a p12 file from one of this certificate and use it to build IPA file?

Question2: Instead of doing whats in Question 1, can I let expo handle everything? Read somewhere that there is a limit of 2 Distrubution certificates, will this limitation cause any issue if I let expo handle everything? Dont want to mess up the existing apps which are using these distributing certificates.

Question3: Under provisioning certificates, a AppID is already created by expo while I was experimenting (it appended my expo username with the random string that I added in the slug parameter in app.json) how can I clear it and have a cleaner App ID?

I did not find any documentation which explains these, please point me in the right direction.


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