IOS Build stuck in queue



Have a build stuck for over an hour. Can someone help?

The build logs link is builds/6fba1808-0571-40a2-972c-6f08782e09b2



Same here @ builds/b47d52a8-2e4c-48d9-9862-d0869ea587f8

My first build for iOS too!



Sorry about this! We are having some infrastructure issues that you can keep up with on our status page. We are actively working to resolve them now.

In the meantime, you should be able to check on your builds and restart them at

Will update here when things are resolved.

Thanks for your patience and sorry for he trouble.


Build has now begun, thanks ccheever :slight_smile:


These issues should be resolved now. Very sorry that we had problems.


Thanks a lot for resolving the issues.


iOS build stuck for over an hour…


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