iOS Push Notifications Not Appearing in Standalone application


I am testing push notifications on an iPhone 7 with iOS 11.4.1.

I haven’t been able to get push notifications to show up on the device for the standalone application but I was successful with the push token from the expo dev app. I initially thought it might be related to this issue( Expo 29.0 on iOS is no longer resolving Permissions.askAsync promise for NOTIFICATIONS) but my latest build came after the fix.

I confirmed that my permissions check resolved with granted and that I get a status of 200 on the expo /send function.

Some additional details:

sdkVersion: 29.0.0
expoVersion: 2.7.4
expoRuntimeVersion: 2.7.4

Would anyone be able to give me a hand? My latest build id that I am using is 7a1469fc-0c4f-4e90-b904-f8b5f33d156f



For anyone in the future, I was able to get the ok response from with a receipt id.

After hitting with that receipt id, I get the error:

"The Apple Push Notification service unexpectedly dropped the connection. Retry sending the notification later."

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