Is it possible to download published expo bundles laptop corrupted

My slug is photoboxx and I am trying to get our latest revision of JS code. My laptop went corrupted and therefore lost data of the changes. Even a minified code of the JS code will help reduce the amount of work I need to restore

Any help is much appreciated.

Any ideas on how I could get it? From another thread, stated that I could get it if I knew the expo bundle package to where I could grab from even if it is compiled JS it would still help with rebuilding.

Thank you

You can unzip apk, js bundle will be under assets/shell-app.bundle

I need the one that is associated on the published, the one I have locally is not the one deployed to production.

Any idea on how I can access the published bundle that isn’t local?

Sorry I forgot about this question. What’s wrong with unzipping apk? If there was some ota updates along the way just run expo build:android --no-publish and extract bundle from that apk.

Are you saying so if I run expo build:android without publishing it’ll grab the bundle?

‘expo build:android’ is not supported for detached projects.

Any help would be much appreciated, I am having some issues trying to get it. When I view my local I can see that I can get the

But this is the one that is rev 1, where I need the one that is current aka rev 3. I know there is a way to get it, and if needed please have someone message me privately I would appreciate that i could move forward with my project and tasks.