Is it possible to implement Expo Push Notifications without using a Firebase backend

“Firebase Cloud Messaging is required for all standalone Android apps made with Expo.”

I’m a little bit unclear on what the above means. Can I use FCM even though I didn’t use Firebase to built my backend?

Am I able to create a free Firebase project and link it to my app just for the sole purpose of handling push notifications for Android?


Yes, you can!

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Thanks for the quick reply. Much appreciated.

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Hi Adam

One more question. I’m expecting possibly thousands of notifications to be sent out to my user base on a daily basis. Is this possible with a free Firebase project, or will I need to upgrade to a paid version?


You’ll only need to upgrade to a paid version if you are using firebase’s cloud functions to call Expo’s push API as you need to be on a paid plan for connections to outside services to work.

Yes, I have the code if you want, I CAN Share here