Is it possible to set my expo-ads-admob "for child"

My expo app was rejected by google play, for the reason of “Violation of Families Policy Requirements”.
Some of the ads by admob made this issue happened.

Google play guides me to set my admob setting using “tagForChildDirectedTreatment(true)”(link below)

But I couldn’t figure out how to set this in expo-ads-admob library.

Please help.


I don’t use admob or any ad packages in my existing mobile app built with Expo, but I received an EMail from Google on July 30th saying I have 30 days to make my app compliant with Google Play policies for Children’s apps or the app will cease to function.

The EMail said:
“Issue with your app: We have detected that your app includes non-certified ad SDKs or SDKs that are not approved for use in child-directed services.”

Again, my Expo app has no ads. And there is nothing in the app.json or package.json that specifies ads or any type.

My research suggests the same as the Original Poster. But my app doesn’t even reference any ads.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I guess I could try to re-submit the app but not put it in the Kids section of PlayStore, but the documentation suggests that will still get rejected because the app is directed towards kids as the audience.

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