Issue with exp build:android recently


Recently we noticed an issue with the Notifications of our Expo app on Android.

The app takes about 6-7 seconds to display when opened by tapping the notification while the app is in background. Here I mean display, the app goes into active mode immediately. Thus, a pop-up modal that should appear on screen for 2-3 is missed completely by the user.

The last good version was built on Oct 18th. Hardly any changes are made after that. We even tried undoing each change to see what might have impacted, the issue remained.

Other thing noticed is Oct 18th version apk file is 27 MB while any newer version is 18-19 MB.

Anything that might have changed with Expo Build during this period (post October 18)? Also, anyone had any freak experience with Expo build apks recently?

PS: Only warning seen recently in Dev Mode is MaxListenersExceededWarning: Possible EventEmitter memory leak detected. 11 change listeners added. Use emitter.setMaxListeners() to increase limit but we haven’t added any listeners recently and there is only 1, the Notifications listener, that too had been added months ago.


Hi have got the same issue today I have published my app 7 days ago. after resolving some problem with my maps I have tried to re-publish the project and I have met the same issue. As I am using MobX in the my project I want to see if the problem is not not coming from there because I have added 2 new @observable elements in my store


Tried, with updated Expo SDK 30.0.0. Issue remains. The new app is 19 MB while older builds were around 25 MBs.

What was changed recently in building the app?