Jks, apk and ipa I have a problem [SOLVED]


I have a problem, surely have it solution, but I don’t know how do it.
Yesterday update my MacBook Pro to High Sierra and Xcode 9.3.
Now I want to create ipa and apk for update my apps in both store and I can’t do it, the command exp build:ios and exp build:android they ask me

? How would you like to upload your credentials?
(Use arrow keys)
❯ Expo handles all credentials, you can still provide overrides
I will provide all the credentials and files needed, Expo does limited validation

But I have for Android: myApp.jks, but not for ipa…

How can I do to update my apps? If I choice second option said me:

? Path to keystore:

I don’t know how do it.

It’s my first time with this. Can anyone help me?



I’m sorry!
I solved! I was using another Expo credential!
If this help someone, never try to create your binaries using another account with which you created your project
Sorry again…

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