Linking: What is the meaning of adding '+' in deep link?


  • Published app in Expo client: exp://
  • Published app in standalone: myapp://+
  • Development: exp://

Why is ‘+’ needed? It is not documented and seems not an usual case for apps outside expo.

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Right after your quoted part, the page indicates:

You will notice that at the end of each URL there is a /+ – anything after the /+ is to be used by your app to receive data, which we will talk about in the next section.

The page you linked is documentation, so this is documented… To clarify: the + separates the app’s URI from your own custom data to add to the URI.


We’ll be rolling out some changes in SDK 27 which obviate the need for the weird +.


@nikki @ben Thanks for the reply and clarification. Definitely looking forward to the new release.

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