login with facebook shows "connected to native-base"


Hi Guys

I am using expo and doing and calling

This opens a window for performing the login.
One thing that is not clear to me is why this window shows the messages “Log into your Facebook account to connect to native-base”… (see below)

I am using native-base in my app, but I don’t remember doing anything related to facebook-login…
I searched for the above string but cannot find it.

Any idea why this happens?



Hey @rahamin,

This seems odd. What SDK version are you on and is this occurring on both platforms?

Out of curiosity, did you add these configurations? https://docs.expo.io/versions/v30.0.0/sdk/facebook#ios-standalone-appadd-your-apps-bundle-id




Hi Adam;

I am using expo 30.0.1, and testing on android.

I didn’t create an apk yet, because of another problem:


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