Motion detection, face recognition - no?


A few days ago, I discovered DroidScript and think it is really fantastic how fast I can create something usable in a couple of hours. Then I got introduced to Expo, and it too feels very intriguing, because I can make cross browser apps.
One feature I need, does only seem to be available on DroidScript though.
I need to be able to detect motion in front of the phone. It can be from camera motion detection, or through the use of the ambient light sensor - though I prefer the camera (as not all phones have the light sensor).
Am I correct that this is not possible yet with Expo?

Another possibility would be face recognition (not detection), but there seems to be no really easy way to do this. OpenCV can do this - and it’s also possible through a Microsoft Image API.


we might add face detection in the future, but i don’t know of a good way to do motion detection. i think you’d probably need to detach and write native code.


Face recognition would be fantastic. It would give many exciting new possibilities. At the earliest, when could the feature be integrated, if it will be integrated at all?