No Cache Exists For This Resource: shell-app.bundle (metoo)


I know there are many threads about this already, but I couldn’t find any solutions nor understand why we’re doing anything wrong.

We’re having our real production app on sdk 31 display this horrible blank screen with the message “No Cache Exists For This Resource: shell-app.bundle” every single time we publish a new update.

Our build ID is release 2.6.0-r.2aJo31pNNj and we use the same account as we’re posting this to run our builds / publishs.


Just want to add that all our customers are seeing this on a live production app, so we consider this a very urgent issue :disappointed:


Hey @dev_temporadalivre,

Thanks for providing your SDK and build ID, but just so that we can reproduce the issue, could you let me know what steps you took when publishing? That way we can get a full picture

I’m looking into this issue and asking relevant team-members. Will respond as soon as I have more info!


Hi Charlie,

I just published a new version (2.7.0) and could confirm the bug happened again in my iPhone.

The command we ran was expo publish --release-channel=sdk_31 - is that the info you needed?


@charliecruzan Charlie, we think this might be related to the

"updates": {
      "fallbackToCacheTimeout": 1000

we had in place. Last night we made a new build setting it to 0 to see if we can sort this out, because it is hurting really bad.