Open PDF with expo


Is there a way to open a pdf with expo not using Ejecting?

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You could use PDF.js in a WebView or you could polyfill the renderer underneath it to render with Expo.GLView.


If I could import pdfjs on my app… having some troubles with zlib


I want to show a pdf from file-storage (without detaching).
With PDFjs it’s not possible due to zlib. @nikki, how can i do it with GLView ?


I found a way using WebBrowser, on iOS you have a direct PDF reader and on android just prefix your PDF url with this: ‘{your pdf url}’

[Android] Open pdf


Another solution I working on to display PDF with pdf.js and in a WebView:


Will this work with files saved locally using expo’s FileSystem ?


Yes it is


I get “file props is required” alert:

<PdfReader file={this.props.uri} />

this.props.uri contains this value: “file:///Users/…/pdfs/25.pdf”.

Any ideas?


Thanks for making this, can you tell me what I’m doing wrong? I’m also happy to dig in and help troubleshoot


Hi @jogillesp,

Sorry I changed the API:
And add a check when uri include ‘file’.


Hi x

I am trying to make use of the a file in assets, is this possible and what would be the syntax for this. So far I am getting an alert saying “source props is not correct”.

Thanks in advance.



Hi @thejiff,

Sorry about that, can you please create an issue or maybe a PR :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Best regards,

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it is not working on expo v31


Hi, should be fixed in latest lib version v0.2.1!

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@xcarpentier just tested out, it works just fine with the last Expo (no errors)…thank you so much!