Opening Device Settings on Android using Linking


I am trying to open Device settings on Android using


This works perfectly on iOS but on Android it says No Activity found to handle intent.

API to open app settings


Thanks so much @notbrent


I followed the instructions on the page for intent-launcher. I passed, ACTION_APP_NOTIFICATION_SETTINGS to startActivityAsync. I got a message saying,

The app wasn’t found the in the list of apps.

It looks like the api also requires a map with the key: EXTRA_APP_PACKAGE to be passed in. I tried the name of the app. Do you know what value it would be expecting? I don’t have a standalone app.




Were you able to figure out how to pass the extra app package to this API? I am stuck with the same issue.

Also, do you know how to open camera & camera roll permission settings. Can’t seem to find those in the list of the intents defined.




I was able to make this work by using the following snippet:

    "android.provider.extra.APP_PACKAGE": "paste here your application's package name"

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Open notification settings via IntentLauncherAndroid in old Android versions

Hey Sergio,

This works in which android API? ( I tested on API 26 MOTO G 6 and worked)