Opening Device Settings on Android using Linking


I am trying to open Device settings on Android using


This works perfectly on iOS but on Android it says No Activity found to handle intent.

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API to open app settings

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Thanks so much @notbrent


I followed the instructions on the page for intent-launcher. I passed, ACTION_APP_NOTIFICATION_SETTINGS to startActivityAsync. I got a message saying,

The app wasn’t found the in the list of apps.

It looks like the api also requires a map with the key: EXTRA_APP_PACKAGE to be passed in. I tried the name of the app. Do you know what value it would be expecting? I don’t have a standalone app.




Were you able to figure out how to pass the extra app package to this API? I am stuck with the same issue.

Also, do you know how to open camera & camera roll permission settings. Can’t seem to find those in the list of the intents defined.




I was able to make this work by using the following snippet:

    "android.provider.extra.APP_PACKAGE": "paste here your application's package name"

Hope it helps,


Open notification settings via IntentLauncherAndroid in old Android versions

Hey Sergio,

This works in which android API? ( I tested on API 26 MOTO G 6 and worked)


After a lot of trial and error I managed to get it to work using the third param.

import { IntentLauncherAndroid, Constants } from 'expo'

  'package:' +
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@alastairtaft Surprisingly, your solution works! Thank you so much!