Permission.NOTIFICATIONS status is always undetermined on iOS.


Hi everyone,

I’m working with Permissions and Notifications from expo in my React-Native app and I have a problem with

const { status } = await Permissions.getAsync(Permissions.NOTIFICATIONS);

I only use local push notifications on my app but I think that is irrelevant to the topic.

I am familiar with the issue, that, on the Simulator, the permission status is always undetermined. When I start my app within the Expo-App on my Iphone, status behaves correctly. But when I build the app with

exp build:ios

it doesn’t matter which option I choose after the App-Install. Wether I choose Allow or Disallow Push Notifications, I always get status === undetermined.

On Android it works just fine.

Thanks in advance!


Hey @larst1988,

This sounds like it’s a bug. Would you mind creating an issue ticket on our expo/expo repo with all the information you deem relevant to the notifications permission bug?




will do, thanks!

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