Please Help on Error connectException failed, can't make init working.

expo error uncaught error failed to connect to exp://
(I know is old topic)
Hi guys, I’m new to use the expo 33 version. got error, using LAN. localhost: 19002 working fine.
I had read most “connect exception failed” related post search by google.
I run fresh init app under Powershell,
what I did:
disable firewall,
reinstall nodejs to v 12.7.0
update expo-cli to expo --version 3.0.4
set IP priority to 10 etc…
local network web no connection.

anything else I need to install? I didn’t install Android Studio
anything else could be??

Thank you.


Fixed with [ Enable AP isolation ] disable

Please check your Router WLAN settings.
I spent 8 hours to starting new app.

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Thanks for posting the fix!