Pop-up / Heads-Up Push Notifications on Android


I am currently testing push notifications on Android device and noticed that although I get the notifications, they are not popped up. I need to drag down the top status bar (as per picture)

I am not sure about this, but someone suggested that this feature is called Heads-Up push notification (unlike iPhone which works correctly). I have looked into the [relevant documentation] where it mentions that setting the priority to max will send the notification as heads-up. I used the Expo push notification tool and entered {priority: “max”} in the Android channelId field but did not work. Is this supported or I am doing something wrong? (https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/sdk/notifications#priority-optional-min--low--high).

Even if it’s not a full blow heads-up, I cannot understand why the push notification on Android is not popping up like when you receive an email from Gmail and you get the notification on the screen (not heads-up).



I discovered that these are known as Floating Notifications. Does anyone know what permissions I need to ask the user to have these floating notifications?


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