Problem with detaching


Hi guys, I have updated SDK version to 27

When I am running exp detach I am getting such warning.
{ buildPhase: 'running shell app modifications' } 'Warning: No config file specified.'

Here is full output
Validating project manifest…
Skipping iOS because you are not running macOS.
Moving Android project files…
Downloading Android code…
Updating Android app…
{ buildPhase: ‘running shell app modifications’ } ‘Warning: No config file specified.’
Cleaning up Android…
Android detach is complete!

Also I can not make a project build in Android Studio
Error:Project with path ‘:expoview’ could not be found in project ‘:app’.


Hi @artemk0!

Please see Problem with detached app. ':expoview' could not be found for a way to resolve your problem (more explanation can be found Can't build android project after detaching from Expo SDK 28.0.0). Sorry for the inconvenience!

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