Published Expo application crashed on Launch. “AppRegistry is not a registered or callable module”


hello ,
I find this issue was closed a months ago , but I am facing it now . There’s no particular solution here.
Please can anyone help me solving it.
I face this problem after I published my react native app on play store. viewing the error log gives me this errors:

1-uncaught error : Module AppRegistry is not a registeres callable module (calling runApplication).
2-uncaught error: undefined is not an object(evaluating 'f.primary).


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Bumping this thread, I just ran into the exact same thing. There is very little debugging advice I could find.

I tried expo start --no-dev --minify and it works fine; I also tried rebuilding it and adding a new version, still broken.

Everything works great in development.

Any thoughts?


Hey @razankiwan2 & @torq,

Are you projects standard or ejected Expo projects?




Hi Adam,

Ours is a standard project, I believe, although it’s compiled from typescript. We have a working app that is almost exactly the same.

Are there any debugging hints you could provide?



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