Q: Possible to have custom version of ExpoKit dependency? (e.g. SVG)


When using ExpoKit (ejected), is it possible to have a custom version of native dependencies like react-native-svg? I’m debugging issues with victory-native, which requires 6.1.x versions of react-native-svg, but ExpoKit comes with 6.4.1, so I’m left trying to figure out how to downgrade it. Using react-native link causes redefinition errors (which makes sense). Ideas? It there something I can modify in the podfile to make this work, like something that removes pod dependencies from ExpoKit?



you can do whatever you want with an ejected project. i think if you just change the podfile, it will install different Cocoapods if you rerun it.


react-native-svg isn’t in the podfile… it looks like it’s bundled with ExpoKit somehow, which makes it appear difficult to decouple.

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