Question about upgrading Expo SDK and ExpoKit

Interesting, thanks for investigating.

Yes, I’m using the following dependencies: @react-navigation/web, expo-web-browser, react-native-web, and @expo/react-native-action-sheet. However, I’m not using react-native-web-view.

I’m not too sure how to approach addressing the issue after going into the stack trace and looking into the ABI36_0_0RCTLogConvertError. What’s the best way to debug this issue after recognizing that the above dependencies are being used?

The one that stands out to me is @expo/react-native-action-sheet. How is the code making use of that?

Since you’re not using WebView and it doesn’t look like you’re using Networking or WebSocket it seems likely that it’s to do with ActionSheetIOS (which @expo/react-native-action-sheet apparently uses on iOS.)

What is weird is that the screen that I’m getting the error on is not using @expo/react-native-action-sheet. However, it is using Axios to make GET requests.

OK, I don’t know what Axios does under the covers…

The “best” way I can think of to debug this would be to eject and build the app yourself with Xcode. Then put a breakpoint on the NSURL method and when the breakpoint is hit, poke around on the stack to see where the json variable comes from.

Gotcha – thanks. Another thing to note is that this issue was not happening in my previous project. It’s only after I created a new expo project, re-installed the dependencies, and copied the code over that it surfaced. Between both projects, no code had been changed whatsoever. That’s why this is particularly odd for me.

Do you think this may be an issue with the node modules? Perhaps different versions of the dependencies since I installed the latest versions and not the previous versions I had in the older project? Would you suggest rm -rf node_modules && npm install?

Seems unlikely, but worth a try I suppose.

Hey wodin! I was able to fix the issue. Turns out that the problem was a “null” coming value coming from the API call. It took me a bit to realize that this was the issue. Everything works well. Thanks again for the help!

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