React native now has full Blob support!


Long awaited blob support is finally here on react native which should solve a lot of headaches!

You can read about all other changes here


so what does this mean in expo? are blobs now supported…


Not yet in expo, but expo are never too far behind. They usually release a new sdk roughly 2 weeks after react-native release but not sure with sdk 26 being delayed. Sounds like they’ve been working hard on the new sdk either way. We’ll see whether it makes it in 26 or not


We expect blob support to land in this upcoming SDK release with the inclusion of RN 0.54.




This is fantastic. Thanks for the update Adam


Hi @adamjnav,

Is there an approximate date for the next release? I’m looking forward to full blob support…

Thank you in advance!


Hey @pablo-albaladejo,

We make it a practice to not set release dates as there are a multitude of external factors that go into releasing a new SDK version – as made evident by us pushing SDK26 back to this month. All I can recommend is that you follow our blog so you know exactly when the new SDK releases occur.



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We can you firebase storage without any disruption now. We used to solved this by using firebase-function.

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