Redux initial state always undefined only in production

Hello, First of all, this is a bit out of topic. But I’m actually can’t find any solution for days. So if you can help me, it would be very appreciated.

Basically, I used Expo v32.0.0, React v16.5.0, Redux v4.0.1, React Redux v5.1.1, Redux Persist v.5.10.0

I added several features yesterday through expo:build android & expo:build ios (using OTA updates), and I added new reducer that WORKS fine in my development (access through Expo). But there was a problem at the app, which my INITIAL_STATE is always undefined

When I console.log() the state in local development, the objects inside INITIAL_STATE always returns empty array (and this is the right scenario). But when I build the app, the array inside State objects always return undefined
Below is the screenshot when I called an ADD_BIBLE_VERSE_HIGHLIGHT action in reducer

It’s very hard to solve and I have no idea up to know why after 2 days of googling. Can anyone please help? :frowning:

Hey @kevinhobert,

What I’d recommend here is to try implementing your redux logic into a vanilla RN project (using the corresponding RN version to your SDK version) and see if it reproduces said undefined behavior. If it does, it’s likely a problem with RN, the redux library or your implementation. If it works properly, then it’s probably something we’ll have to look into on the Expo side of things.