Replacing currently published app to react native


Hi all,

I made an application using Ionic Framework two years ago. But, recently, I re-made this app by React Native.

As you know, Expo provides an awesome service that handles every credential which is fantastic.

But, I realized that I cannot use my previous Bundle Id because Expo handles it.

I know that I can detach Expo, but it has to be manually managed after that.

So, would it be possible using the same previous bundle id so that I can let my customers just update currently installed the application?

For example, my previous published bundle id is `com.myapp.awesome’ which is built by Ionic Framework.

Now, I built this app by React Native, and I want the bundle id which is com.myapp.awesome. After publishing this app, my current customers just update this app.

I also consider that it should be working on both Android and iOS.

Thank you in advance.

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