[Resolved] Where I can post a suggestion of update about the Docs


I can found where i can post a suggestion of update about a link on Docs.

path of docs page: https://docs.expo.io/versions/v28.0.0/introduction/community

Line to update: (old)> Follow us on Twitter @expo_io (new)> Follow us on Twitter @expo

Explanation: Once the twitter account have being changed, how we can see on @expo_io description, suggesting to us to follow @expo instead, would be straightforward for newbies (like me) if on docs the link points to @expo.

Ps.: I get the opportunity to expose my outstanding satisfaction meeting Expo. Congrats Team Expo and Investors, but most of all to Idealizer(s).

Thanks in advance.



Hi @wallas, thanks for the suggestion. We’ve made the change and will deploy it later today!


Hi, @ide. Tks about that, most of all because the tempestivity.

And sorry, but part of my answer i couldn’t obtain.

Is there the right spot for that? to help about the docs?

Because I have more, mainly about translation, i want to translate to Brazilian Portuguese.


The Expo repo (https://github.com/expo/expo/issues) is the place to open issues. Regarding translation, we don’t have multi-language support on the docs and it’s not on our roadmap so we’re not in a position to take translation contributions, unfortunately.