ScrollView not working


Hi. I need to implement a ScrollView, but it doesn’t work at all. I add multiple components to it and when I try to scroll, nothing happens, text goes out of my screen and I am unable to see it. Here is the code:

 render() {
        behaviour = "height"
        keyboardVerticalOffset = {64}
        contentContainerStyle = {{alignItems: 'center', marginTop: '5%', flex: 1}}
          <Title style={styles.title}>Booking Confirmation</Title>
          <Image style={{
            width: '55%',
            height: '5%',
            marginTop: '5%', 
            //flex : 0.2
          <Text style = {{padding: '5%', fontWeight: 'bold'}}>Economy 2-3 days delivery</Text> 
          <Text style = {{textAlign: 'center'}}>Collection 8am-6pm, delivery in 2-3 working, delivered before 6pm</Text>

        <Text style = {{marginTop: '5%', fontWeight: 'bold', marginRight: '70%'}}>Parcel Details</Text>




hi !

Is there any chance you could create a Snack at that repros your problem? It would be easier to debug that way.

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