Sejong's Cup, Korean translation of King's Cup


Released my first app thanks to Expo!

Kingโ€™s Cup translated into Korean, using Tinder swipe cards for the card deck, with editable rules :slight_smile:


congrats :smiley: :smiley: wish i had an idea what was happening with it. translate it to english and iโ€™ll give it a go! :wink:


Sorry Iโ€™m freaking addicted to magic and spell casting nโ€™ sh*t. I do not use Side Decks, I do not play โ€œMatchesโ€, so add whatever, idc. I added a replay attachment at the bottom so you can see how the yugioh spellcaster deck works. Anyways here it is, this deck is half net deck half not, so donโ€™t get mad if it sucks. Feel free to leave any tips, if you like it then drop me a thank (if you download and want to use it).