Simulators (Android, IOS, Web) in snack are gone

Simulators (Android, IOS, Web) in snack are gone. What should I do?
Every snack I open have no simulators. I got this notification to update the version of the snack by clicking on the update and after doing this all the simulators gone. I got back to the older versions but the problem still there.

Below you can see my snack screen:

Sorry about that! If you reload you should get the web simulator back.
The iOS and Android tabs will still be gone though. Providing those tabs is a significant expense for us, so we’re exploring whether only having the web simulator and requiring users to run on a physical device if they want to see iOS or Android.

Would love to hear more about how you’re using snack and how you feel about the change.


Can I run virtual Android that installed on my laptop from snack and by the way I worked on snack and used my physical device but the starting of the app and the changes are to slow.

I love snack that’s why I use it to create apps so I hope that you will note delete the snack’s storage too to save money, because my all work in it.