Snack: static defaultProps broken?


I can’t seem to get static defaultProps to work in Snack, but the same code works in a regular Expo app. This is just like defaultProps doesn’t work? but that one is specific to CRNA so I posted in this forum as well (sorry for the dupe).

Repro Snack (should render test = true, not test = undefined):



hi there! yeah this is a bug at the moment. @tc is aware of it and working on a solution! sorry for the hassle

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Sweet, thanks @notbrent and @tc. And thanks for Expo!


The Expo SDK v25.0.0 blog post mentioned the following under Snack Improvements:

Improvements to error handling & static properties.

But the repro case still fails on v25.0.0, so I’m assuming those improvements did not include a fix, correct?


Static properties are now working in snacks, but defaultProps are not being handled correctly yet :frowning:
defaultProps should be working as well by SDK 26

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Gotcha. Thanks @thetc.