SQLite gets resetted with Expo version upgrade

SDK Version: Update from 32 to 34
Platforms: Tested with Android/iOS

Hello there!

I’m upgrading a Expo project from v32 (32 Bit) to v34 (64 Bit). While the whole process went relatively smooth, one thing is very critical: the 34-App seems to be unable to access the SQLite data from the previous version when updating the app. Everything that was stored to the device with the v32-App is gone or inaccassible (or deleted?) after the update.

During the update process, I needed to change the way SQLite was integrated into the screen:

import {
} from 'expo';


import * as SQLite from 'expo-sqlite';

Could this be the reason?

Please note that, besides accessing old data, everything works fine. I can insert, update and delete with no problems at all.

What options do I have to carry over the data?


I can’t help you with your problem as I didn’t start on v 32, but could you show me some code from your db? Like where you create the tables and use the insert functions? thanks!

Sorry for the late feedback, I wasn’t at my workplace during the weekend.
As I’ve seen in your other posts, you were able to solve the problem, right? Otherwise feel free to ask again!

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Hey @muesschrewe! Sorry for the late follow-up here, but the SQLite databases are saved under the app’s documentDirectory, which was migrated to a new directory in SDK 35 (see the changelog)

Since you upgraded to SDK 34 though, it should have automatically migrated your existing documentDirectory over