Standalone Android getting double notifications

We’re not using Expo notifications, but are using FCM with AWS SNS. When we send notifications via the Firebase console everything looks fine. However, when a notification comes through SNS we are getting it twice. Is it because we’re receiving it both via FCM and GCM? Is there any way to possibly disable GCM in Expo?

Hey @mattermark - sorry for the slow followup here. This is because the FCM library creates and displays a notification automatically, but the Expo runtime also creates and displays its own notification in order to have more control over how it appears to the user. I’ve answered a similar question in more detail here:

Is it possible for you to customize the payload of the request you send to FCM through SNS? If so, I’d recommend that you try sending a payload similar to the one in the answer I linked above. Let us know if that works!

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