Trouble using tunnel


I’m having trouble connecting to my app through the tunnel today. Yesterday everything was fine and the app connected through the tunnel without any issues. Today I receive this message.

Switched to a LAN URL because the tunnel appears to be down. Only devices in the same network can access the app. You can restart the project to try reconnecting.

I cannot access the app even though the device and computer are both connected to the same network now.



hi @dekm

Can you share the specific URLs you are seeing? Also, on some computers – esp. Windows machines – I’ve seen restarting the computer sometimes fix issues like this. Can you try that if you haven’t?

We had some login and auth problems a few hours ago. They should be resolved now but if you opened xde or exp or CRNA before that was resolved, then that could be part of the problem.



Hi @ccheever

The URL I’m seeing is exp://

I tried a restart without any luck. I was locked out yesterday with the logins issues and did open a session offline while that was being resolved.



I’m still having the same issues today and not sure how to work around this. The only way I can test on my device now is by doing a publish and opening that version. Which is not ideal since it takes so much longer to push that version.



Can you screenshare with me today? I don’t know how else to debug this.



are you in china? because i experince the same issue as you, i thought it was problem of GFW, because i did the same tings on HK, exp init, exp start etc… every thing is fine when not in china …


I’m actually in Moscow at the moment. It just randomly started working again on it’s own for some reason.