UIWebView - react-native-gesture-handler

Hi all, I’ve updated my app to EXPO SDK v36.0.0 to avoid UIWebView but when I submit the app on apple store I still receive the notification of the presence of this deprecated component. In a full search of my app’s folders I’ve found that react-native-gesture-handler still use that component, there is a way to avoid thi deprecation warning?

There is an alaternative gesture handler component? It’s planned a components update to avoid the problem? There is a way to modify that component to avoid that problem?

Thank you in advance!


It turns out this is not from react-native-gesture-handler. This is already fixed and the fix will be available in SDK 37:

Tnx for your answer, do you know if the SDK 37 will be available before April 2020? Tnx in advance!

I think the Expo team plans to release it at the end of March…